“Innovative Humour” Alexander Zakharov’s solo exhibition

AP Contemporary

Nov. 7, 2024 - Jan. 6, 2015

28 Tai Ping Shan, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hawaii
+852 31052148


Innovative Humour- Alexander Zakharov’s Solo Exhibition
7 Nov 2014 – 6 Jan 2015
Opening Reception on 7 Nov 2014 (Friday) from 6pm

AP Contemporary proudly presents Alexander Zakharov’s solo exhibition in Hong Kong again. We will bring you his new media works in Diasec and 3D lenticular which are produced in cooperation with AP Contemporary.

Russian artist, Alexander Zakharov is a recognized master of miniature, his miniature works are painted in acrylic and he allows us to see the colours and details of the original miniatures in applying a unique method of enlarging art works. He creates limited editions of prints from each original. He has been experimenting in different forms of printing technology and he will show us his new works in Diasec and 3D lenticular in Hong Kong for the very first time. Alexander Zakharov first showed his new media art works last year in Moscow and then exhibited at Art Southampton with AP Contemporary, audiences were impressed and it was a great success.

Alexander Zakharov has been living in New York for the past decades and now just relocated to Berlin. Many of his art works are displayed in major and private collections, including Fogg Museum of Art at Harvard University, The Portland Museum of Arts and New York Public Library.

Every one of his works tells us a story which is always warm, sweet and funny. By looking at his works, we could all give a break to our heavy and serious daily life and enjoy the innocence childhood imagination. We are looking forward to this little delight in life.

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