Inner Voyages

Walker Fine Art

Mar. 6, 2024 - Mar. 6, 2020

300 W. 11th Avenue
Denver, CO, 80204

Walker Fine Art invites you to explore works from a dimension halfway between dream and reality, moments from the unseen, standing still in time. The juxtaposition of unlike traits caught within these ephemeral moments can prove difficult to see and challenging to understand. Born from the borderline of the artists’ inner and outer worlds, registering what is found in the unconscious and intervening with instinct, these surrealist-inspired works are created. Join us for the opening reception of INNER VOYAGES to explore these artists’ individual lucid worlds.

KATIE KALKSTEIN layers images and time, constructing a place that exists in ephemeral moments and desire. Her work is an exploration of the strength and vulnerability of the body and land we inhabit. The garden becomes a place to survey this intimate dance of ritual and resonance.

AARON MORGAN BROWN’s paintings are pictorial orchestrations, views of an alternate interior universe that are sewn together from daily observations, memories, impressions of the world at large, cultural ephemera, and my imagination. They are both a prismatic lens through which he re-views reality, and a transcription of his subconscious directives.

MALCOLM EASTON is drawn to the shapes, colors and textures of well-used domestic objects, along with the associations they may evoke. He places familiar things in unfamiliar juxtapositions, mixing flexible shapes with rigid, rough surfaces with smooth, new objects with old. Defying gravity and logic, his assemblages appear in a world of their own, surrounded by night yet bathed in sunlight.

MELANIE WALKER’s work combines fragments that address the layered and fragile nature of time, sense of place and memory. Connected by metaphor, place and association, disparate images are woven together as are life experiences in dreams. Wanderings through memory, body, mind and world are synchronized into a rhythm of thought, like a chord…walking and falling…seeking the intervals & the space between.

CONOR KING presents a new series, “Aether”, in which he uses photography to depict imagined other worlds based on our explorations and current understandings of distant space. In Greek mythology, Aether was the personification of the upper sky, an embodiment of the air that the gods breathed. Later Aether was thought to be the substance that allowed light waves to travel through empty space. Today Aether is used to describe that which is difficult to see or hold. Creating such environments encourages King to think about the past and future of our own environment, he hopes that these created worlds allow others to imagine both: that which is difficult to see and challenging to understand.

ANGELA PIEHL is interested in the suggestive undertones of lifestyle and behavior codified in the design imagery of popular media sources. The intermingling of the natural and synthetic in her work creates a sort of biomorphic abstraction, with inherent narrative qualities. The resulting creatures are grotesque, bouquet-like, and somewhat monstrous, yet delicately fragile and lovely. They appear decorative and organically corporeal, imbibed with the power to both attract and repel.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, March 6, 2020, 5-9 pm at the gallery in the Prado building on 11th & Cherokee Streets in Denver’s Golden Triangle Museum District. The reception is free and open to the public, and the artists will be in attendance.

The exhibition is on view through Saturday, May 2, 2020 during regular gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm, or by appointment. For further information call 303-355-8955, email: [email protected], or visit:

Walker Fine Art is a member of the Golden Triangle Museum District and the Denver Art Dealers Association.
The gallery is located just blocks from the Denver Art Museum in the Prado building on 11th Avenue and Cherokee Street (entrance on Cherokee).

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