Inked Up – Art of the Body and Soul

artists' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly

Jan. 7, 2024 - Feb. 1, 2015

7 Canal St.
Westerly , Rhode Island 2981
401 596 2221

Symbolic or sentimental. Protective or magical. Divergent or mainstream.
And with you for life. Jan’s show “Inked Up,” celebrates art of the body and soul: the tattoo. Eight tattoo artists will display their work at the show’s Opening Reception – Friday, Jan 9th from 5-8 PM. Works range from simple line to a complex photorealistic portrait of Einstein, from black and white geometric mandalas to colorful retro sci-fi comic book style illustrations, and from love to horror. The subjects and styles are as diverse as those who create them. Jan’s show also features photography, jewelry, sculpture and more. Nothing lasts forever. Except maybe a tattoo. So catch “Inked Up” before it’s over. Life Drawing on Friday nites, only $5 for students.

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