Inhye Lee: “Face Play”

SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery

Apr. 29, 2024 - May. 24, 2014

547 W 27th St., Ste. 301
New York City, New York 10001

In the exhibition Face Play, on view at SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery through May 24, Inhye Lee shares her fascination with faces by re-purposing familiar ideas from childhood memories, and transforming ordinary objects into a playground of imagination. As children, we all made silly doodles on face photos. We added a mustache, widened nostrils, enlarged eyes, and tried to deform the familiar identity into something else. This face play always seems to evolve into a new form and never ceases to influence people to be creative.

Lee’s visual musical instruments utilize facial features and human emotion as key elements. Piano: Face Jumble explores the connectedness and circulation of human emotions, highlighted by sharing the resemblance among different people. This piece is influenced by a die-cut book, a classic children’s book format that connects one page to the next via a hole, a gateway to connect separate dimensions. Piano: Face Jumble goes beyond the confinement of a book’s connected pages by borrowing the form of a musical instrument.

In her work, Face Book With a Hole: Family Tree, Lee seeks to visualize the lineage of family members, also by employing the format of a “book with a hole”. The first specimen of this project is the Kim-Choe family. They have produced two children in their marriage, hence connecting two distinct families by blood. Pictures of their extended family are gathered and made into a sequence of faces through holes that exhibit the linkages between them. Lee is intending to continue this project as an ongoing series to trace back and connect more families.

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