Influential Solo Art Exhibition

Truffle Art House

Sep. 26, 2024 - Nov. 15, 2020

1323 Queens Road
Charlotte, 28207
PHONE 704.967.5145

This Solo Art Exhibition will be featured until November 15, 2020. We will promote his work on various media outlets. Artist exposure and success with Truffle Art House is our fundamental purpose. Therefore, we go above and beyond to ensure that each and everyone highlighted in our online exhibitions is featured in numerous press releases. Also we will place them on our exclusive event calendars, art news websites as well as email marketing campaigns to industry leaders. Our social media reach is impressive. Our artists will be given the opportunity to reach nearly 400,000 art enthusiasts worldwide and that is per month.

​Educated as a mechanical engineer, I have been making stained glass and mixed media sculptures for over thirty years. The combination of my engineering and artistic experience has resulted in my original yet durable designs of robot sculptures, which are made from recycled metal and repurposed metal objects. The care with which I create my characters gives them, despite their physical immobility, an engaging personality. Drawing inspiration from movies, graphic novels, books personality, mythology personality, history personality and video games, my sculptures merge human, animal and mechanical characteristics to give each piece a unique personality. Multimedia robot sculptures, in particular, have become very popular with consumers, due to their unique fusion of human and animal characteristics. I have exhibited my sculptures all over Quebec, Canada and have won several awards.
To purchase one of these imaginative works of art, or to take a look at his award winning pieces now showing on his website please visit him at ​

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