In the Land of Pasaquan: The Story of Eddie Owens Martin

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Dec. 22, 2024 - Mar. 11, 2018

756 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, 60642
PHONE 312.243.9088

Eddie Owens Martin (1908-1986), who, in his later years, referred to himself as St. EOM, was the creator of Pasaquan. This visionary artist, who had no formal training, reveled in the intuitive creative art process. St. EOM was influenced by many artistic traditions, including Mesoamerican, African and eastern art, but the content of his work was constructed from utopian visions.

This exhibition features a large selection of never-before-seen original drawings, sculptures, paintings, regalia, adornments and other examples of art by St. EOM. Through the use of original art, informational text panels, and vintage and contemporary photographs, this colorful exhibit tells the incredible story of the life of the creator of Pasaquan.

In the Land of Pasaquan: The Story of Eddie Owens Martin originated from the LaGrange Art Museum, and is made available by the courtesy of Columbus State University, Columbus State University Foundation, Inc., Pasaquan in Buena Vista, Georgia, and through a gift by the Kohler Foundation, Inc.


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