In Her Space: Works by Cal Lane and Roxa Smith

C24 Gallery

Jan. 13, 2024 - Mar. 11, 2022

560 West 24th Street
New York, 10011
PHONE 646 416-6300

For our next exhibition, we are proud to present In Her Space, a selection of works by Cal Lane and Roxa Smith, two dynamic artists whose intricately patterned works combine to create a nuanced visual conversation about space, identity and perspective. Canadian born welder-turned-artist, Cal Lane creates outsized steel sculptures cut with lacelike patterns that defy expectations about gender and materiality, while Roxa Smith’s Venezuelan heritage and training as a landscape painter imbue her colorful, layered depictions of interiors with a sense of movement and expansiveness.

Although they work in different mediums, each artist presents work that explores paradoxical questions about interior identity. Using what is typically considered to be a very masculine material, Lane fashions objects ranging from giant panties to submarines, oil drums and dumbbells, all cut into with the delicate patterning of lace doilies. The objects she creates challenge the patriarchy and all of its binary classifications around masculinity and femininity, subverting expectations about construction and craft while investigating assumptions about gender.

Roxa Smith’s richly colorful paintings answer the question of what happens to a West Coast landscape artist when she relocates to New York City. Inspired by the furnishings and views from inside a number of different apartment dwellings, she has created a series of interiors that inspire movement and exploration within their layered elements, employing references to South American folk art as well as the questionable freedom of its gated luxurious residences. In her most recent collection of chair portraits, she offers a documentation of life during the pandemic as seen through an even more compressed vision of daily landscape.

Please join us for the exhibition’s opening reception on Thursday, January 13th, from 6:00-8:00pm. We will require proof of vaccination upon entry, and we ask that you wear a mask and observe proper social distancing for everyone’s safety and comfort.

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