IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair

Ruiz-Healy Art

Oct. 7, 2024 - Nov. 1, 2020

74 East 79th Street, 2D
New York, 10075
PHONE 212.510.7873


The works featured in the IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair display Apollonian and Dionysian concepts, highlighting qualities of both theories and how they naturally appear in works of art. Apollonian, originating from the god Apollo, refers to reason, harmony and rational thinking. Apollonian tendencies manifest as the orderly and restrained repetition seen in Pedro Friedeberg’s Desfile de Perros and the harmony of composition and line in Constance Lowe’s Marchland I. Dionysian characteristics, derived from the god Dionysus, are based on emotion and instinct. This is displayed in Richard Armendariz’s Muro Hopper in the chaos created by shape and detail. Many of the works in this show display elements of both theories, examining the balance that is created through visual elements.

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