Ideally, Yes

New York Arts Residency and Studios Foundation

Mar. 1, 2024 - Mar. 22, 2019

210 46th Street
Brooklyn, 11220
P: 718 768-2765

Ideally, Yes is a group exhibition of works by artist who’s focus is on process and experimentation as main motivating force. Rather than fitting into one category or another, the works of these artists often straddle two or more disciplines, landing in a grey area. Between sculpture and design, between architecture and lighting. Between painting and sound. The constant however, that runs through all these works is the desire to experiment, and in doing so invent unique and personal methods of creating. The title “Ideally, Yes” is a reference to a common discussion or mode of understanding work between a creator and viewer in which questions like “does it provide x,y,z function?” or “does it work?” often arise. Where the starting point for these works might have been straightforward; to accomplish a particular goal or express a particular idea, the process of creating the work has spawned new ideas, shifting the focus subtly or dramatically. The tone of the answer (and in this case, title of exhibit), denotes a certain peace with the idea that perhaps something more important can be arrived at when allowing for a totally abstract investigation for investigation’s sake, whether that be into a material, a process, a technology, or something else.

NARS Foundation

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