I Look for Clues in Your Dreams

Berkeley Art Center Association

May. 21, 2024 - Jul. 17, 2016

1275 Walnut Street
Berkeley, 94709
(510) 644-6893


This vibrant exhibition will feature new and existing work by Leo Bersamina, Chris Duncan, Kristin Farr, Jenny Sharaf, Victoria Wagner and Amber Jean Young. It explores Northern California as both a physical place and a mythological concept that has drawn people in for decades.

The landscape, history of psychedelia, transformative powers and utopian dreams of the area have inspired generations of artists. Ripe with myth, Northern California has been a place where people go in search of something bigger and better than themselves. These artists all share an aesthetic directly linked to the mythology of the American West and how this history has affected the imagination and art of the Bay Area. Through site-specific installations, sculpture, painting, and mixed media assemblages, the artists will reflect the area’s elemental spirit and force.

Curator Heather Marx views these artists “as seekers and explorers. Their work is either directly sourced from the natural environment, situated within it, or produced by it. Marx adds “By looking for clues in these artist’s works, I hope to tell a story about this powerful and complex ‘dream’ of Northern California and its bewitching hold on our collective imagination.”

Berkeley Art Center

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