Humaira Abid: Searching for Home

The Center for Art in Wood

Feb. 7, 2024 - Apr. 18, 2020

141 N. 3rd Street
Philadelphia, 19106
PHONE 215-923-8000

Humaira Abid (b. Lahore, Pakistan, active Seattle, WA) is well known for her unique visual language, which blends sculpture in wood with her twist on traditional Mughal miniature painting. Abid’s occupation with woodcarving, a male-dominated field, reflects her commitment to challenging stereotypes. The beauty and mastery of her carvings of prosaic objects, ripe with subtext, belie the violence, cruelty, upheaval, and instability in society, especially that to which women are subject.

Searching for Home presents a human-scaled look at the worldwide refugee crisis focusing on the plight of women and girls, who make up a disproportionate percentage of the millions of people who have fled their home countries as a result of political conflict and strife, ethnic cleansing and persecution, domestic abuse, and crimes against humanity.

The works in Searching for Home demonstrate the artist’s ability to tread a narrow line between provocation and mastery in a material discipline. The exhibition includes new works, including an interactive piece that encourages storytelling and the sharing of personal narratives.

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