Houses of the Holy, Victor Filepp Solo Exhibition

The Artists of Gallery One

Jul. 9, 2024 - Aug. 8, 2021

Virtual Exhibit
Virtual Exhibit,

The “Houses of the Holy” exhibition features work of Gallery One artist and photographer Victor Filepp. In this solo exhibit, he focuses his lens on the houses of worship in New London, CT where he resides. Connecticut-based Gallery One is a virtual gallery representing a diverse group of established artists whose works reflect different artistic traditions.

The exhibition features photographs of the exteriors of nearly 30 churches and synagogues within the city limits.The collection engages the eye with monochromatic images that examine the physical structures, architecture, and light and dark patterns of the church facades.

“The images consider the devotion engendered by religion that has inspired beauty in architecture and ornament while reflecting my concern that religion can at times divide us by faith and race,” Filepp said. “Observing the wealth of diversity of this city and in the nation, I hope the images of these complex exteriors will lead us all to examine our own interiors,” he explained.

The exhibit opens for viewing on the gallery’s virtual exhibit platform on July 9 and runs through August 8. To view the virtual exhibit, visit the Gallery One website at

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