Hot House: A Botanical Oasis

Oak Park Art League

Feb. 1, 2024 - Feb. 24, 2022

720 Chicago Ave
Oak Park, 60302
PHONE 708 386-9853

Hot House: A Botanical Oasis

Beat the winter blaahs! The Oak Park Art League is transforming its Carriage House Gallery into an artistic winter “hot house” as a retreat from the cold & grey of the deep winter months. This exhibit will celebrate the vibrant floral colors that spring and early summer bring upon arrival.

This is a judged exhibition.

Exhibition Judge: Shilin Hora

Growing Up Outdoors:

Shilin Hora’s childhood was spent navigating between the neighboring peach orchard,
grape vineyard, and corn field in St. Joseph, Michigan. As a teen she worked for her grandfather
as a hired-hand on his blackberry farm and Christmas tree farm. She remembers then being drawn
to the magnificent micro world of botany that she still knows and loves today.
Developing Craft Undergraduate fine art studies took her inside the sculpture and
printmaking studio at Grand Valley State University (B.F.A. 2001), where she developed her craft as a trained botanical artist.

Community Engagement:

In 2007 she founded Grow Studio, a youth and families outreach program facilitating workshops
that explore dendrology, fine arts and the practice of observing and exploring nature in urban environments.

Botanical Artist:

For over a decade Shilin has been well known internationally for her fine art collection called Botanical Boxes where she showcases the historical, scientific, artistic, and cultural importance
of the seed. The Boxes exhibit a unique blend between natural history specimen collection and
fine art museum display. Shilin leads folks back to an appreciation and reverence for nature through her fascinating botanical artworks. Her dedication to craft and curating content that speaks about nature’s value is what makes her most proud and it’s what sets her apart from others.

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