Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Mar. 12, 2024 - May. 2, 2015

547 West 27 Street #510
New York, New York 10001


Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is proud to announce its representation of legendary artist Julian Lennon. The artist’s photographic work will be unveiled this spring in a solo exhibition, aptly titled Horizon.

The show will run from March 12, 2015 – May 2, 2015 with an opening reception on March 12, 2015 from 6-8PM. Please RSVP at [email protected].

Born under an especially unique alignment of stars in Liverpool, England, Julian Lennon’s artistic trajectory commenced at a young age with a spirited avocation for playing musical instruments. His deeply rooted inclination toward Rock n’ Roll was cultivated by the countercultural wave that had just begun to sprout in his own backyard – so to speak. Though Julian’s early oeuvre was enkindled by his revolutionary surroundings and an unusually gifted group of individuals, his upbringing in the spotlight was not without affliction. As the first-born son to The Beatles on the eve of Beatlemania, Julian’s initial outlet in the face of asphyxiation and scrutiny, resulting from his inevitable ties to fame and frenzy, was his love affair with a familiar opus – musical composition. Julian’s exceptionally complex coming of age coupled with his natural disposition for euphonious artistry allowed him to quickly develop a heightened sense of creative expression – one that would carry with him over the years through various mediums.

The principal tactic behind Julian’s latest series ‘Horizon’ was to use a philanthropic platform for the arts to serve a common good. Julian contends informed advocacy is effective advocacy; as such, he envisioned the convergence of photography and philanthropy to educate, mobilize, and activate viewers on issues of public importance. Giving voice to those who have been silenced serves as a strategic metaphor, one that is virtually ubiquitous throughout the artist’s current collection. Despite Julian’s earnest conviction to bring forth awareness to plight through documenting his efforts in environmental and humanitarian reform, we cannot help but discover a deeper, more personal narrative in his most recent photographs.

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