Holding Remnants & My Inheritance

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Jun. 14, 2024 - Jul. 23, 2017

486 Harrison Avenue
Boston, 02118
Phone (617) 482-7781


Boston Sculptors Gallery is pleased to present two concurrent solo shows, Holding Remnants & My Inheritance, by artist Fafnir Adamites & John Christian Anderson.

Holding Remnants, Fafnir Adamites’ first exhibit at Boston Sculptors Gallery. large-scale paper sculptures act as monuments and reminders of objects, people, and actions that came before. Influenced by the concept that traits and traumas can be imprinted on our DNA and passed down to future generations, Adamites’ work embraces the physical and psychic state of repetition. Dowsing pendulums, disfigured orbs, and husk-like forms are common visual themes employed by the artist to highlight the state of disorder at the point when memories become new experiences, and the familiar becomes foreign.

John Christian Anderson presents My Inheritance, his first solo show at the Boston Sculptors Gallery. Reasserting his continued engagement with everyday objects, Anderson uses both scavenged material and handcrafted components to create his work. The resulting sculptures present themselves as facsimiles and simultaneously evoke an ominous dark element along with a humorous sensibility. The exhibition title, My Inheritance, references a future scenario in which art will be created in a world of limited and ever-dwindling resources.

Boston Sculptors Gallery

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