Hermann Nitsch’s “Leviticus”

Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art

Sep. 11, 2024 - Dec. 6, 2015

1701 Main St.
Peekskill, New York 10566
(914) 788-0100


The installation features Nitsch’s “Leviticus,” his seminal book opened to the segment describing the sacrificial services of the High Priest. The surrounding walls feature12 terragraph prints and accompanying extracts from Leviticus in both Hebrew and German. Complementing the prints are paintings and priestly garments. His paintings seen here are beautiful abstractions symbolizing what it means to be human. They are graceful violent palimpsests, full of vitality, but also quiet for contemplation, representing a life of originality, courage and dissidence.
Hermann Nitsch (born 29 August 1938), a founder of the Vienna Actionists is one of the most influential artists today.

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