Here: A Bit of Everywhere and Everyone They’ve Been

New York Arts Residency and Studios Foundation (NARS)

May. 31, 2024 - Jun. 21, 2019

201 46TH St. 4th Flr
Brooklyn, 11220
PHONE 718 768 2765

Featuring NARS’ 2019 Season II Residency Artists:

Louise Tate (Australia) | Daniela Raytchev (UK) | Shoko Masunaga (Japan) | Guiyoung Hwang (South Korea) | Bianca Boragi (France) | Gyun Hur (South Korea / USA) | Sa’dia Rehman (USA) | Paolo Arao (Philippines / USA) Allison Hunter (USA) | Julia Kwon (South Korea / USA) | Zuleyka Alejandro (Puerto Rico / USA)

“Who are you and where are you from?” The question resounds, asking us to stand still if only for a moment so that we can be placed. NARS is pleased to present an exhibition by our 2019 Season II Artists in Residence whose works gather around ideas of identity, immigration, displacement, and then slowly disperse beyond such limitations. While the answer’s future remains unclear, for now we choose to respond “Here: A Bit of Everywhere and Everyone They’ve Been.”

NARS Foundation

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