hello world!


Dec. 4, 2024 - Mar. 2, 2016

50 Orange St
New Haven, 06510


hello, world! is an exhibition that explores how a queer identity can function as a clear projection of self while simultaneously resisting and reframing normative definitions of identity. The complex, humorous and deeply personal approaches each artist brings to the exhibition offers a visual syntax of queer experiences. The title hello, world! reminds us that language is learned, tested, reframed and hopefully — hacked.

Curated by JR Uretsky and featuring artists: Genesis Baez , Emmy Bright, Eduardo Restrepo Castaño, Brian Christopher Glaser , Nicki Green, E.E. Ikeler, Sakura Kelley, Local Honey, Alee Peoples, A.K. Summers, Nabeela Vega

This exhibition is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Audrey Conrad.

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