Heaven Carrier

Richard Taittinger Galery

Apr. 3, 2024 - May. 3, 2015

154 Ludlow Street
New York, New York 10002
212 634 7154

[email protected]

Richard Taittinger Gallery is pleased to present Heaven Carrier, an exhibition of new work by Russian artist collective, Recycle Group. Comprised of Andrey Blokhin (b. 1987) and Georgy Kuznetsov (b. 1985), the pair works with repurposed electrical equipment and industrial material to express concern for humanity’s increasing dependence on digital technologies such as social media. The presentation marks their first solo exhibition in the United States.

Recycle Group addresses the rising level of material waste as a byproduct of widespread consumerism and the high amount of pastiche that permeates contemporary culture. Simultaneously somber and satirical, their works comment on the existential crisis of current overreliance on virtual worlds and online interconnectivity as a means of survival.

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