Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers: Evolving Traditions

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

Oct. 23, 2024 - Feb. 13, 2022

10 Vernon Street
Brattleboro, 05301
PHONE 802 2570-124

At the start of the current public health crisis, many people began to think about essential work and essential objects in a different light. Members of the Guild of Vermont Furniture Makers found that their long-held assumptions about what it means to be “at work” or “at home” were challenged, and that they began to view interior spaces in a new way. Environmental themes related to sustainability and forest stewardship took on renewed urgency. Each piece of handmade furniture in this exhibit is influenced by design trends, the needs of clients, and each artisan’s relationship to the natural world, including sustainable forest practices. Guild members strive for a balance among beauty, function, and relevance. A written statement tracing design influences, materials, and techniques accompanies each piece of masterfully crafted furniture.

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