Gravity: Defined and Defied

Westchester Community College Center for the Arts

May. 26, 2024 - Jul. 31, 2015

196 Central Ave.
White Plains, New York 12563

Westchester Community College Center for the Arts is pleased to
present, Gravity: Defined and Defied, a two-person exhibition comprised
of multi-media artist Jaanika Peerna, and ceramic artist Kirsten Lyon.
Using qualities in nature that embody and emanate buoyancy, movement
and rhythm, both artists work with the properties of gravity and light. This exhibition includes large scale drawings and delicate ceramic forms which are synthesized into a built environment. The works inform our perception of the forces present in the movement of wind, the breaking of waves,and the interaction of light with art. Two bodies of work, as conceived by the artists, come together to provoke, bewilder, and draw us into works that are together both ethereal and fierce.
Jaanika Peerna is an Estonian born artist who lives and works
primarily in New York. Kirsten Lyon, a native to the Hudson Valley,
lives and works in the area.

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