Good News Road

Lora Schlesinger Gallery

Oct. 25, 2024 - Nov. 29, 2014

2525 Michigan Ave. T3
Santa Monica, California 90404

Lora Schlesinger Gallery is pleased to announce Good News Road, a new series of work by Richard Sedivy. Sedivy’s current body of work is a finely crafted combination of paint, construction and assemblage on wood panels. The imagery depicts architectural structures that investigate our relationship to “home” and the values and beliefs that are materialized through them. The exhibition opens Saturday October 25, 2014 and runs through November 29, 2014.

Richard Sedivy was born and raised in Chicago, a city with a distinctive architectural style. His experience travelling from Chicago, to Tennesse and California exposed him to the myriad of rural buildings and dwellings along the way. He developed a connection to houses, shacks, work sheds and simple dwellings. Each structure represented work ethic, and the remains of a heartland of work. Sedivy’s homes, are containers of human history. They become metaphors for lives lived, work, hope, dreams dreamt and hardships endured. The carefully crafted structures are constructed with fragments of wood laboriously painted to have character, a sense of history, solidity, permanence and impermanence. The paintings are an homage to monuments of modest intention built to last, but the monuments inevitably fade and change with time. Sedivy’s paintings capture and immortalize these structures in an ever changing world.

Richard Sedivy resides in Southern California. He received his M.F.A. from Bradley University, Illinois. Sedivy credits his real education in traditional painting to working as a scenic painter for CBS. His visual influences range from 17th -Century Flemish art to 20th–Century Bauhaus formalism. This is his sixth solo exhibition with the gallery.

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