Galactic Abstraction

MICA Gallery

May. 1, 2024 - May. 31, 2015

1210 Turner St.
Lansing, Michigan 48906
(517) 371-4600

MICA Gallery presents our May exhibit Galactic Abstraction showcasing Michigan based artist Steve Baibak.

The artists’ daughter, Maya, age four, has been obsessed with the cosmos for many months, really obsessed. She has drawn Baibak deep into solar system minutiae, talking about constellations, watching Youtube videos that have singing planets and other ones that mourn the loss of Pluto as a planet. In the Baibak household, every ball or spherical object has become a miniature planet (including peas), and after a visit to Abrams planetarium with Maya, Baibak started to create fictitious sculptural representations of our heavens. These new pieces are Galactic Abstractions that are inspired by gas giants, celestial randomness, topographical innuendos, and organic formations.

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