Spazio Ridotto

Dec. 15, 2024 - Jan. 14, 2018

Calle del Ridotto 1388, San Marco
Venezia, 30124


Friday 15 December sees the opening of the exhibition FUTURE RESONANCE, at Spazio Ridotto in Venice, a collaboration between the Venetian organization Zuecca Projects and the contemporary art platform the PhotoPhore.

This multi-channel exhibition is focused on the exploration of possible upcoming futures, the development of new technologies, the relationship between the augmented reality and our life, the consequences of climatic changes and hybridization between technologies and nature.

Considering the future as something immaterial, constantly overcome and in a continuous development, art is one of the most favorite means that can explore and forecast what the future will be. Art creates and imagines the “new reality” of the future.

What will the reality of the future be like? The artistic research opens the doors of experimentation and suggestion.

December 15 – January 14  10 AM – 6 PM
Free entry
Opening December 15, 2017  6 PM
Venue: Spazio Ridotto, Calle del Ridotto 1388
San Marco, Venice, Italy 30124

Sandrine Deumier
Adriene Hughes
Daria Jelonek
Artem Tarkhanov

More: http://www.thephotophore.com/future-resonance/

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