Frohawk Two Feathers / MATRIX 170 On errythang (On everything)

Wadsworth Atheneum

Oct. 2, 2024 - Jan. 4, 2015

600 Main Street
Hartford, Connecticut 6103
(860) 278-2670

MATRIX 170 presents the work of Frohawk Two Feathers, the artistic alter-ego of Umar Rashid (born 1976, Chicago, Illinois), a performer, writer, history buff, and visual artist. Blending quasi-history with a reimagined counter narrative, the artist’s epic story begins in 1658 and focuses on the rise of “Frengland”—a union of France and England. Merged as one huge, colonial empire, Frengland’s complex international saga of exploration, colonization, and world domination is documented by Two Feathers in an ongoing project that will one day conclude in 1880. The visual narrative is told through portraits of duplicitous royal family members, corrupt military leaders, and rebel assassins coded with facial tattoos, tribal costumes, military uniforms, and accessories. Intricate maps of expeditions and battle sites document the progress of the unstoppable superpower. Frengland’s territories expand as Two Feathers participates in exhibitions in various cities around the world, where each new setting becomes part of the ongoing story.

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