Frances Kornbluth

Silver Circle Gallery

Jan. 1, 2024 - Apr. 1, 2012

75 Main St. Suite 3
Putnam, Connecticut 6260

This show will display hand-picked art work spanning four decades by the accomplished 91-year-old artist. The opening reception, Friday March 2nd from 6-8pm, is a free event that will allow the public to view the artwork and meet Frances Kornbluth. The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of March. Throughout Frances Kornbluth’s 70 year career as an artist she has found her environment to be of the most inspiration to her. She states “though I am constantly fed by other disciplines such as music, film and literature, the natural environment has been my primary source.” The rural landscapes of both northeastern Connecticut where she lives and Monhegan Island, Maine where she spends her summers, have supplied her with an infinite amount of creativity that has enabled her to “go beyond visual ‘scenery’ to create a broader synthesis using all my senses. Through discovering metaphors in the landscape, connecting many different aspects of experience, and bringing these perceptions to the studio, I have been able to make order of the chaos that impacts and pervades life at this time.” Frances has the ability to capture the essence of her environment and translate it in a refreshing and expressive way so that the colors almost leap off the canvas. In describing her work she states, “…I define and redefine the landscape…Although my paintings are landscape-oriented, they are not necessarily ‘scenes.’ My images grow from a personal vocabulary of shapes, colors and textures. The materials I use dictate the forms, and they vary as the work progresses.” Allowing the materials to speak to her, Kornbluth has the ability to make her pieces seem effortless as the forms take on a life of their own. Frances Kornbluth studied at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn Museum Art School, and received her Masters Degree at the Pratt Institute. It was while at the Brooklyn Museum Art School where she met Reuben Tam, a noted American landscape artist who encouraged her to pursue a career in visual arts. Kornbluth has stated that she credits Tam for distinguishing her at as “the artist she never envisioned being.” Frances has won countless awards for her art including two Medals of Honor from the National Association of Women Artists and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Brooklyn College.

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