Figurative Moving Forward

Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

Sep. 28, 2024 - Nov. 10, 2018

84 Lyme Street
Old Lyme, 06371
PHONE 860.434.5332

Figurative Moving Forward
The Future of Art: Exhibition of Recent Visiting Artists
Exhibition on View: September 28 – November 10, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, September 28, 5 – 7 p.m.
Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Chauncey Stillman Gallery
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts
84 Lyme Street, Old Lyme, CT

The Future of Figurative Art
Curatorial Statement:
“Figurative Moving Forward” showcases the work of ten distinctive artists from the Visiting Artist Program whose work varies in media, technique and imagery. They were selected based on the central role the human figure plays in their art and the “realism” or intricate techniques they use in their creative practices, which also forms a conceptual framework to explore allegorical themes, symbols or narrative details. I hope that together these works will feel visually arresting and will engage the viewer to uncover the layers of meaning embedded in each individual work.

The title of the exhibit, “Figurative Moving Forward,” alludes to the concept that despite an ever-changing, technology driven world, the human form lives on and continues to inspire great art. For most of these artists it’s a primary theme in their work and a historical feature of the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. Founded in 1976 by Elizabeth Gordon Chandler as a means of preserving and passing along techniques and skills related to working from observation, particularly learning to draw, paint and sculpt the human body. This contemporary exhibit is designed to pay tribute to some of the principles and “figurative” art inspirations that were a fundamental feature in the founding of the College.

The works on display share a passionate focus on depicting “figurative” themes with mastery and sophistication, demonstrating how small details can create layers of context, especially when demonstrated through techniques that have been acquired over decades of patient skill-full practice. These artists are not afraid to challenge conventional expectations of their chosen medium. They also share a stunning grasp of visual form and are unapologetic in their technical bravado. Because of these reasons, the works on display correspond elegantly yet dramatically with one another and are designed to produce a visually stimulating and inspiring experience on the part of the viewer.

Roland Becerra
Associate Professor
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts

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