Figment–A Virtual Journey. Oil on Canvas by Lind Louis

Paul Calendrillo New York

Nov. 29, 2024 - Dec. 22, 2018

547 West 27th St., Suite 600
New York, 10001
PHONE 908.875.0149

Figment represents a virtual journey into an environment where life pulsates without limits.

In this series, you can swim with schools of small fish through subterranean waterscapes and wave-strewn seaweed gardens; navigate undulating marshes and mysterious mangroves; stroll along land’s edge; smell the salt air; feel the breezes riffle your skin.
The genesis of these themes derives from growing up near the water where the sidewalks were made of crushed shells. Ducks’ and seagulls’ cries were ever present, and tidal vegetation, sand and pebbles provided endless material for creative projects. Further water-related joy comes from kayaking on Long Island, in the Carolinas and Florida.

Boundless love of nature motivates me to present you with Figment, a virtual journey.

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