Fabien Bruttin

Colorida Art Gallery

Jul. 8, 2024 - Jul. 21, 2017

Costa do Castelo, 63
PHONE 3512 188 53347


“Like a perfumer mixing multiple essences to create new fragrances, my work is based on an experimental approach with different artistic mediums, techniques and pictorial processes. Much like a scientist, my initial training, I like to marry various types of paint that are not intended to mix, in order to observe the reactions occurring. Initially, my colourful abstract pieces are constructed by “happy accident”, as the combination of different paints interact. Then, I guide the experiments in order to express my abstract inner world, which is full of vitality and colour. My sources of inspiration are the Swiss artist John M. Armleder for his experimental approach and the Chinese-French painter Zao Wou-Ki for the poetry that emanates from his works”. Fabien Bruttin lives and works in Genebra, Switzerland.

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