Extraction: Art on the Edge of the Abyss

Calabi Gallery

May. 29, 2024 - Jul. 31, 2021

456 Tenth Street
Santa Rosa, 95401
PHONE 707 781-7070


Calabi Gallery is honored to participate in the global project EXTRACTION: ART ON THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS. This important multi-venue exhibition seeks to provoke societal change by exposing and interrogating the negative social and environmental consequences of industrialized natural resource extraction.

Our voracious consumption of natural resources is destroying the earth. There has been a collective denial and lack of action to respond to this crisis, especially among politicians. Artists have traditionally been in the avant-garde of thinkers and are uniquely positioned to translate the science of the situation into more visceral terms, which hopefully would have an impact on folks who have failed to grok the gravity of the situation.

Calabi Gallery is showing a group of artists with quite diverse responses to the crisis, all with powerful messages delivered through a variety of artistic mediums. Featured artists include Douglas Ballou, Mima Cataldo, Catherine Daley, Robin A Dintiman, Holly Downing, Molly Eckler, Art Hazelwood, Iva Hladis, Tyler James Hoare, Bernadette Howard, Evri Kwong, Emmanuel Catarino Montoya, Bob Nugent, Bambi Waterman, Penny Wolin, and more.

The exhibition will not have an opening reception due to lingering Covid protocols, but the gallery will be hosting one or more special events this summer. These poetry readings, folk music concerts and book signing celebration will be in support of the concept of Extraction. Featuring poets Elizabeth Herron, Jane Hirschfield, Maya Khosla, Jack Crimmins and Lucy Day, singer songwriters Hugh Shacklett, Brendan Smith and others. Event dates and details to be announced soon.

EXTRACTION will be exhibited May 29th – July 31st, 2021. At this time the gallery is open every Saturday from 12-5pm and by appointment. To schedule an appointment please contact (707) 829-2971 or [email protected] and on Saturdays call (707) 781-7070. The number of people in the gallery will be limited at one time. Stay tuned for expanded open days and times in the near future.

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