eSantos Studios Presents a Collection of Works by Edward Santos

Butler-McCook House & Garden

May. 14, 2024 - Jun. 7, 2015

396 Main Street
Hartford, Connecticut 6103

Celebrate the opening of the 2015 Season with Cultural Cocktail Hour, on Thursday, May 14th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the Butler-McCook House & Garden. The series will premier as eSantos Studios presents a collection of works by Edward Santos. The event is free with a suggested food and per drink donation of $5.

The world of photography at times can be focused on connotation and interpretation. Photographs, the angle that they are shot, the colors that are enhanced or the object that is being presented in the photo all come from our life experiences. When one looks at Edward Santos’s art/photography the world is being invited into his matrix of emotions. All of his love, sorrow, joy and fears are represented in all of his images. He once said that his creations are his saving grace in dealing with all of the obstacles life has bestowed upon him. These creations are just a brief glimpse of all that is true to his soul. Whether it is a clear crispy colorful photo showing waves of the beach he calls home, or the abstract obscure image masking his pain and experiences of being a US Solider. All his images are real and represent an artist that tells a tale for all to relate too.

The exhibition will run from Thursday, May 14th to Sunday, June 7th and is accessible to the public during regular museum hours. Free, regular admission applies for house tour.

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