Eric Chiang

Weston Library, Community Room

Feb. 1, 2024 - Feb. 28, 2015

56 Norfield Road
Weston, Connecticut 6883

Eric Chiang’s Benefit Solo Exhibition at Weston Library Extended Through February

Westport artist, Eric Chiang’s Benefit Solo Exhibition at the Community Room of Weston Library has been extended through February. Two series of Mr. Chiang’s recent artwork will be presented: The “Are We Born Connected” series which includes a set of many large and thought provoking paintings that explore different dimensions of human connectedness; whereas the “Visual Music” series consists of many very beautiful and visually intriguing paintings that bring out the music from your heart.

Artwork sale proceeds benefit the following not-for-profit organizations: 10% to Weston Library, 10% to Westport Arts Center, 10% to Beechwood Arts, and 20% to the charity organization(s) of the buyer’s choice(s).

After his 50th birthday, Eric Chiang quit his job so he could work full time to fulfill his childhood dream of creating quality artwork that touch people’s hearts.

Mr. Chiang’s artwork has been exhibited at The Westport Arts Center (Group Show and SOLOs Show), Beechwood Arts, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Queens Museum in New York, and many local venues and events. He continues to passionately create artwork that manifests his quest into the meaning and significance of our existences against the infinite space/time and his profound empathy of panhuman desperation, love, connections, and hope.

The Weston Library is located at 56 Norfield Road, Weston, CT. For further information, contact The Weston Library – 203-222-2665. Please visit Mr. Chiang’s website:

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