Duets by Gina Smith Caswell, In Flux by Christine O’Dea, This and That by Baltazar Alvarado

CORE Art Space

Oct. 27, 2024 - Nov. 12, 2023

6501 W. Colfax Ave.
Lakewood, 80214
PHONE 303-297-8428


Duets, Recent Paintings – Gina Smith Caswell

The recent paintings by Gina Smith Caswell continue her exploration of modern farm imagery. Duets of animals are portrayed before a retro 70s floral fantasy wonderland backdrop. Caswell uses bold expressive patterns to create interesting negative spaces that interact with the animals. These oil paintings range in size from small to large, up to 4 feet square canvases, and continue her interest in animal portraiture.
In Flux – Christine O’Dea

When we experience big shifts in our lives, for better or for worse, it can be a catalyst for reflecting, recentering, and reclaiming our true path – true joy. While creating this new body of ceramic mixed media work, Christine also revisited about a dozen pieces from previous installations and reworked them until they felt resolved and more balanced. Layering the past pieces with the new work seemed to unify and bring it all full circle.

In this installation, O’Dea attempts to capture the energy of how we move through life within the continuous ebb and flow of chaos and order, stillness and transition, peace and conflict, pain and pleasure, loneliness and connection, fear, and trust. Within the cycles of life we can hope to heal, learn, let go, grow, and ultimately flourish.

May we all flourish.
This and That – Baltazar Alvarado

Baltazar’s subject matter tends to be those fragmentary images that reside within his thoughts. Thoughts of his relationship with his culture, race and how figures interplay with those thoughts, For him, these carvings are about the pleasure of seeing what stone, wood or clay offers to his hands.

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