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Jun. 29, 2024 - Jul. 12, 2018

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June 29 – July 12, 2018
Opening Reception – Friday, June 29, 6 – 8 pm

Able Fine Art NY Gallery is pleased to present “Drawing” a solo exhibition by a Korean artist Ahyoung Kim. Utilizing the Moonin-Hwa, a type of Asian painting, Kim focuses on expression and control to create authentic renditions of nature through her own perspective. When depicting a subject, Kim considers both the context and essence of it as to genuinely illustrate the meaning of it.

After multiple successful solo and group exhibitions, Kim is debuting her work in New York for the first time. Numerous awards and shows in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and France are only slight examples of Kim’s wide acceptance and diverse reach. With this international acceptance and approval, Kim aims to share with her viewers the pleasure and excitement she receives from nature. Often utilizing aesthetic reasoning, Kim expresses her pleasure and excitement through emotion and intuition. While both emulating and innovating traditional styles, Kim’s renditions of familiar scenes serve as a communicative device that helps viewers search for their own deeper self expression. Kim’s solo exhibition with Able Fine Art NY Gallery will feature select works from her series of drawings.

Using her emotional intuition, Kim focuses her efforts on artistic expression through the Moonin-Hwa, a type of Asian painting that was practiced by poets, scholars, and aristocrats as a means of superordinate self expression. In contrast to Wonchae-Hwa, another style of Asian painting mainly concentrated on technique and beauty, Moonin-Hwa serves as an opening of philosophical, academic, and political conversation. Kim chooses Moonin-Hwa which allows her to deconstruct her subjects into expressive components, revealing an expressionistic intuition derived from scientific observation. This encourages viewers to join her in the inner expression of the subject through visual communication. The communicative relationship between artist and viewer is a fundamental theme in Kim’s work serving as the basis to her intuitive philosophy. Kim constructs this relationship with the strategic encouragement of the viewer’s tranquil sympathy. Kim also uses the natural structure of her subjects as a source of inspiration, expressing them through her emotion and control. Ultimately, Kim uses her drawing to philosophically question the essence of her subjects while reconstructing their appearances as the emotions they emit towards her. Though Kim replaces some elements of the traditional Asian painting style with an algorithm of her own, she is able to reveal the importance of traditional techniques in a westernized world while creating works of her own style.

Kim believes that traditional Korean ink painting has the potential of emulation, but, “the process of skill in controlling the limp brush and the expression” will allow her to make the work her own. Kim also states, “While drawing the scenery within the canvas, the excitement I find from transforming it into ‘my own’ is incomparable to anything else I have ever felt in my life.” With her artistic experimentation of humanistic passion, Kim creates a method of evoking the viewer’s innate sensibility. The delicacy and sensitivity Kim depicts allows the audience to unearth a poetic lyricism from within so they may resonate with her depictions of nature. Even though the subjects of Kim’s works are not uncommon, it is the relationship between subject and sentiment that becomes a medium of communication inviting viewers to share a sensitivity of the subject.

Able Fine Art NY Gallery works with both established and emerging international artists by sharing their worlds with our New York audience. Through the works of burgeoning talent and creative minds, Able Fine Art NY Gallery seeks to create a bridge between cultures, a succession of voices, and the melding of works through art.

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