Designed by Nature III

Able Fine Art NY Gallery

Nov. 5, 2024 - Nov. 25, 2014

511 West 25th street. Suite 607
New York, New York 10001
1 212-675-3057

Able Fine Art NY Gallery is proud to present the paintings by Youngse Kim in her solo exhibition. Chicago based Korean artist, Youngse Kim is a very talented and insightful person who finds life’s answers in the nature world around her.
Artist Youngse Kim’s delightful and magical artwork brings a sense of peace and contentment to your mind’s eye. Her work transforms the beauty of nature into something transcendent yet still intimate. Using a mixed media platform of sand and acrylic paint, Youngse shares her Zen like world view with the public. Each of her painting holds a surrealistic frame of the world around us and collectively forms the warmth of a Garden of Eden.
Youngse’s artwork is awash in vibrant colors that transport the viewer into a harmonious world of shape and beauty. It takes us on a special journey that only Youngse can express. At its heart, Youngse finds the artistic core of her subject and her passion and her gift of expressing beauty and nature enriches our lives. As Youngse herself states: ‘The hopes for someone or something, long desired dreams, passion for painting, and inspiration for beauty are blooming like flowers and plants in a fertile land.’

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