“Defying Perceptions”

Heather Gaudio Fine Art

Mar. 5, 2024 - Apr. 9, 2016

66 Elm Street
New Canaan, 06840


Heather Gaudio Fine Art is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition “Defying Perceptions” to be held March 5 – April 9, 2016. The show will feature engaging interpretations of imagery, perspective and spatial relations as seen through works by Donald Groscost, David Burdeny and Jeremy Holmes. All are welcome to attend the opening reception held for the artists on Saturday, March 5th, 4-7pm.
About the artists:
New York based artist Donald Groscost creates large paintings that challenge the viewer’s perception of the traditional medium. His formal investigation of abstraction is as much about its painterly application as the process of image simulation in our digitized era. By applying and scraping away layers of pigment over and over again onto a prepared surface, Groscost’s paintings wondrously achieve a depth and texture with an incredibly smooth finish. His oils on canvas deceivingly appear to be created by some form of virtual media, with a vibrancy of palette that only heightens the impression of a mechanically transmitted image. Groscost has had an extensive artistic career and has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the United States. He has a broad collector base worldwide, is a New York Foundation of the Arts Grant recipient and has taught and lectured in many notable universities, museums and other institutions here and abroad.

The show will also debut David Burdeny’s most recent body of work, a series of aerial photographs depicting salt fields in Western Australia, Utah and the Mojave Desert. These abstracted images explore the spaces where nature and man-made structures come together, forming unexpected and sublime colorations. The elevated and angular perspectives combined with Burdeny’s training in architecture and design make for compositions where light renders wonderful, even otherworldly imagery. Burdeny’s work is in many private and public collections, he has enjoyed over 40 solo exhibitions in the United States and abroad in the last decade. He is also a three-time winner of the IPA Photographer of the Year Award, and the recipient of many other photography prizes.

Providing a counter aesthetic to the photographs and paintings displayed in the show are wood sculptures created by Jeremy Holmes. Soaking 20-foot planks of natural wood in water and using traditional woodworking techniques, Holmes bends, twists and joins the rigid material to form stunning ribbons and swirls that are free-standing or mounted to the walls. Working with an array of wood species, stains and palettes, his sculptures, or three-dimensional line drawings, can vary in tonality and feel. They can be more grounded in nature and the familiar, or can have more intense and eye-popping modernist saturations. Holme’s spatial creations can also occupy entire rooms in site-specific work. An emerging artist whose career has been on the rise since he earned his BFA in sculpture, Holmes has exhibited in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Heather Gaudio Fine Art

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