Deeper than Dark

CityCenter Danbury

Jan. 1, 2024 - Feb. 16, 2012

186 Main Street
Danbury, Connecticut 6810

BETHEL,Connecticut artist Katie Bassett will exhibit her work at CityCenter Danbury as part of the 2012 Accessible Art Project sponsored by the Housatonic Valley Cultural Alliance (HVCA). The work is a collection of mixed media charcoal drawings and paintings exploring the dark anima of identity. “Deeper than Dark” can be viewed at CityCenter Danbury, 186 Main Street during normal business hours from January 9 through February 16, 2012. The opening reception will take place at CityCenter on February 2 from 5:30 to 7:30pm. Bassett produces art that represents a woman’s struggle through industrialized representations of clothing. The main concern is creating art that reflects the issues that affect today’s women and exploring these fundamental issues that our society is facing. Bassett comes from a background of abuse and rejection, and because of this it is crucial to her to produce work that brings this to light. She makes work that can be interpreted anywhere on the spectrum of beautiful to grotesque. Bassett makes work that can be interpreted anywhere on the spectrum of beautiful to grotesque. “You and I”, charcoal and thread. Her primary interest is sculpture, which she creates out of various recycled materials and by using many techniques, including painting and sewing. The paintings, like her sculptures, push the limitsof what the materials will allow with the use of bleach, dyes, acrylics; sometimes Bassett tears the canvas and sews it back together. All of her work expresses the need to rebuild what has been destroyed by breaking preconceived rules of art, expression and materials. Typically all of her pieces are reflections of herself and her own inner turmoil. Essentially all of the pieces are unquestionably non-traditional self portraits; intensely personal and express an undying need to repair. Bassett was selected by a panel of representatives from the local community to display her work at CityCenter Danbury, one of four locations. HVCA has partnered with Danbury City Hall, City Center Danbury, Danbury Museum & Historical Society and FrameWorks in Newtown as part of the initiative. The project provides an opportunity for local artists to show their work in a variety of spaces that are accessible to the general public and to celebrate culture and art within the community.

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