David Konigsberg – Equilibria

Kenise Barnes Fine Art

Nov. 27, 2024 - Jan. 23, 2022

7 Fulling Lane
Kent, 06757
PHONE 860 560-3085


Kenise Barnes Fine Art is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by David Konigsberg. Konigsberg has been represented by the gallery since 2007, this is the artist’s seventh solo show with the gallery.

Equilibria, (plural) used to describe multiple things in balance.

The paintings in this exhibition represent three equal movements:  figurative, architectural, floral.  These three painting motifs are constants Konigsberg’s work spanning several decades of his studio practice and embody concepts important to him. Through his sustained engagement, Konigsberg explores and expands concepts of the physical body and the human condition, the grandness of mass and form, and the comfort of nature domesticated. Working with equal engagement and rigor each painting is a question and a response. Taken as a whole, the body of work in this exhibition suggests a personal rhythm – a way of fitting into the world writ large, and of quotidian life, with awe and humility in equal measures.

The artist’s work has been exhibited throughout out the United States and has been featured in The New York Times, Chronogram, Wall Street International and Brooklyn Journal as well as numerous art and culture blogs. A long time Brooklyn resident David Konigsberg now lives and works in Hudson, New York where his work continues to be informed by his extensive hiking in the Hudson Valley.

Please contact Kenise Barnes, director: [email protected] with inquires or to arrange a preview of the exhibition.

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