Architecture and Collections

National Museum of American Illustration

Jan. 11, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2027

492 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island 2840
Phone 401-851-8949

National Museum of American Illustration presents the largest collection of American image masterpieces and illustration in the World. The works combine insightful expression with pictorial representation of artists traditionally trained at fine art schools.

…following quote taken from the National Museum of American Illustration website. “Vernon Court, an adaptation of an early 18th century French château was compared with the White House, The Biltmore, The Breakers, and several others as one of the ten greatest mansions in America. Vernon Court stands today as an incredible architectural monument, and remains one of the most significant structures in the nation…Newport has an unparalleled architectural heritage; it is a virtual Museum of Architecture. These illustrious “Gilded Age” mansions are striking architectural monuments and are preserved forever, designated as parts Newport’s National Historic District…”

For more information visit the National Museum of American Illustration website link above.

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