Current Collection and Exhibition

The Butler Institute of American Art

Jan. 2, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2027

524 Wick Avenue
Youngstown, Ohio 44502
Phone: (330) 743-1107

following quote taken from the The Butler Institute of American Art  website. “The Butler collection includes works from four centuries, and is assembled in Butler galleries in chronological order according to the history of America. A connoisseur’s tour of the Butler’s permanent collection begins with Snap the Whip by Winslow Homer, the centerpiece of the museum’s 19th century holdings. Roadside Meeting by Albert Pinkham Ryder, After the Hunt by William Michael Harnett, and two magnificent portraits by American realist Thomas Eakins are a part of the Butler’s 19th century holdings. Hudson River School painters are well represented in the Butler’s collection with works by Seth Eastman, Thomas Cole, Asher Brown Durand and Thomas Doughty. All pay poetic tribute to a beloved American region. The Butler’s Marine Collection spans four American decades, and includes paintings by Fitz Hugh Lane, Martin Johnson Heade, Edward Moran, John Marin and Arthur G. Dove.”

For more information about the The Butler Institute of American Art visit the museum website link above.

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