Culture Keepers / Analogous Dimensions

C24 Gallery

Nov. 14, 2024 - Jan. 23, 2020

560 West 24th St.
New York, 10011
PHONE 646.416.6300

“Culture Keepers,” the latest collection of new works by Christian Vincent, features evocative paintings offering social commentary presented in subtle, not-quite-realistic environments. His muted color palette and unusual combinations of familiar images of people and places encourage thoughtful consideration of our current global, socio-political climate.

In “Blue Boat,” inspired by his own early memories of Vietnamese migration to California in the 1970’s, Vincent portrays images that evoke the rising tide of global migration related to everything from war to evolving economics and climate change. “Spark” references the current international wave of political uprising and its relationship to faith, while “Pyramid” conjures the increased tribalism and group-think that goes along with fear and grief. Vincent’s juxtaposition of recognizable elements of humanity and our surroundings result in a soft surrealism that may surprise viewers even as it seems to comfort and reassure them.

As a complementary pairing with Vincent’s work to be presented in C24 Underground, we are entering the second phase of our ongoing partnership with the Berlin-based curatorial collective, A:D:, to feature the work of Marion Fink & Enikö Márton in Analogous Dimensions.

Enikö Márton’s paintings and sculptures conjure visions of natural landscapes and processes, bathed in rich, psychedelic color palettes. Her gracious brushstrokes embody a sense of motion and genesis echoed by her sculpture. These curious objects may appear to be crystalline structures, blooming organisms or flowing liquid streams that have erupted, hardened, and been folded or knotted, all awash in an unearthly array of hues.

Marion Fink’s monotypes are surreal combinations of individuals interacting with the Elements, as well as structures of machinery, hardware, and shapes that evoke organic structures and processes, all inhabiting spaces that might be either dystopian or ecstatic. Her images could very well live in Márton’s universe, encountering the fundamental mysteries of life, one dimension at a time.

Taken together, this collection of work by Vincent, Fink and Márton evokes dreamlike journeys through the landscapes of contemporary living, offering an assortment of familiar imagery as touchstones during this time of shifting realities and new mythologies.

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