Creating in Isolation

The Art Center Dover

Nov. 1, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2020

1 Washington Street, Suite 1177
Dover, 03820
PHONE 603-978-6702

As Americans and people around the world continue to adapt, adjust and struggle through the confines of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, theAward-Winning Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire has mounted a new exhibition that targets this unprecedented moment in history. Rebecca Proctor, director of The Art Center, sent out a call to national and international artists to submit work that expressed their feelings about ‘Creating in Isolation’. She was not specific that the work needed to be related to the pandemic and the result is a show that is cohesive, timely and surprisingly exuberant.
Some works specifically address the pandemic.

There are two stunning pieces from Tim Eckler’s ‘Post Virus Infant Coalition’ sculpture series in the show: ‘Modern Medicine’ and ‘Ammunition Salvage’. Both are disturbing creations that speak to the depths of despair this pandemic has wrought within so many of us. Randy Rocchi’s hand-pulled screen prints continue the theme with stark single images that seemingly float in front of the words ‘Mask’, ‘Cygnus’ and ‘Detached’, effectively portraying strong emotional disconnection. Seacoast artist Brian Wagoner’s distinctive pieces portray the brunt of emotional anguish. There are also several artworks that have elements of fear but also of hope. In the digital prints from Nilou Moochhala’s ‘The Virus Series’; No.43 is called ‘Clusters’, but No. 2 is called ‘Resilience’ and No. 47, ‘Renewal’. The oil paintings of Alicia Ethridge, ‘Shared Breath, ‘Guardian’ and ‘Right Here’ also create a startling, yet strangely satisfying, bridge of both.

Many have experienced untold levels of compassion and support during this crisis. The uplifting works of Margaret Bowlus-Serino speak to this aspect in her works, ‘Italians Sing During Covid Isolation’ #1 and #2 and ‘My Angel’. The exquisite paintings ‘Fox Mask and ‘Time Collapse’ of Claire Weaver-Zeman, harken to childlike wonders, hiding, and healing. Other pieces in this exhibition speak to more pre-pandemic ideas of solitude. JoAnn Rohde’s empty landscapes, the quiet nature inspired mixed-media pieces of Rodee Hansen, and the intimate interiors of James Kimak provide a soothing counterpoint in the exhibition. Whereas the energetic music and dance works of master artist Robert Weinstein remind us of a sweeter time when we could go out and enjoy a good show.
All told, Rebecca Proctor has curated another wonderful exhibition. The artists are excellent, the artwork beautifully executed, and the show puts across the theme ‘Creating In Isolation’ admirably.

Visit ‘Creating In Isolation’ online here at . Once you are on the website you can see the artwork up on a virtual wall. Hit the ‘next room’ button to see the whole show or click on the artwork to find the name of the artist, pricing, medium and size. And here’s a tip; if you click in the white space you will go to the next individual artwork in the show. You can also see this exhibit in person. Simply contact The Art Center at 603-978-6702 to set up an appointment.

The exhibit ‘Creating In Isolation’ includes artwork of the following artists:
Seth Hamor, Claire Weaver-Zeman, Rebecca Klementovich, Nilou Moochhala, Alicia Ethridge, Roland Salazar Rose, Natalie Oliphant, Randy Rocchi, Robert Weinstein, Tim Gilbert, Rebecca Cote, James Kimak, JoAnn Rohde, Tim Eckler, Doug Vaughan, Emily Weber, Rodee Hansen, Justice McDaniel, Christopher Thibault, Margaret Bowlus-Serino. Nikki Vene, Deborah Janelle, Nettie Vaughan, Brian Wagoner, and Jazmin ‘Jaz Kitty’ Ruotolo.

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