Core Sample

C24 Gallery

Nov. 8, 2024 - Dec. 22, 2018

560 West 24th Street
New York, 10011
PHONE 646.416.6300

“Core Sample” is a group exhibition curated by David C. Terry. The exhibition will feature the work of artists Nilbar Gures, Tommy Hartung, Katja Loher, Irfan Onurmen, Seckin Pirim, Regina Scully, Brian Tolle and Christian Vincent. This will be David C. Terry’s inaugural exhibition as the artistic director of C24 Gallery.

“Core Sample” references a process by which a comprehensive sample is taken, whether of the earth or living things, to be used to understand the fundamental composition of its subject. This showcase-exhibition similarly emphasizes the fundamental strength and diversity of C24 Gallery’s current roster of artists.

Terry’s selection intentionally highlights the diversity of artists currently represented by C24 Gallery. Most core samples include information spanning over time, growth, and change; “Core Sample” displays diverse work by artists new and known to the gallery. Created by artists of differing cultural and ethnic backgrounds, with a variety of media, content, and vision, the exhibition shares with viewers all that C24 Gallery has to offer.

The exhibition’s strength goes beyond simple strength in diversity; dramatic visual gestures, and detailed and blurring lines convey a visual dialog between the works. Ideas of nature and humanity, and conflict and resolutions, are all discussed in a range of formats. C24 Gallery invites you to share in the communal conversation instigated by “Core Sample.”

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