Cool & Collected ’22

Kenise Barnes Fine Art

Feb. 5, 2024 - Mar. 13, 2022

7 Fulling Lane
Kent, 06757
PHONE 860 592-0220

Featuring artwork by Daniel Anselmi, Julia Whitney Barnes, Mark Bartkiw, Jackie Battenfield, Nancy Blum, Gabe Brown, Cecile Chong, Charles Clary, Brett Eberhardt, Francine Fox, Lucy Fradkin, Margot Glass, June Glasson, Elizabeth Gourlay, Peter Hamlin, Gregory Hennen, Meg Hitchcock, Michiyo Ihara, Mary Judge, Jenny Kemp, KK Kozik, Richard Klein, Catherine Latson, Sally Maca, Jessica Maffia, Stephen Maine, Julie Maren, Joanne Mattera, Shane McAdams, Sarah Morejohn, Margaret Neill, Jill Parisi, Thomas Sarrantonio, Donna Sharrett, Francis Sills, Eve Stockton, Audrey Stone, Josette Urso, Janna Watson, and Eleanor White

Cool & Collected is an annual group exhibition showcasing work from our gallery artists. This is an opportunity for collectors to consider a wide variety of artwork in various media. The show is not organized around a curatorial concept but rather the exhibition focuses artwork that is chosen by the gallery staff from our extensive inventory. The exhibition will be fluid, and will be re-hung several times to explore new relationships between specific artwork and artists’ methods/language. The show will occupy both 5 and 7 Fulling Lane.

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