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Mar. 2, 2024 - Mar. 29, 2018

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March 2, 2018 – March 29, 2018
Opening Reception – Friday, March 2, 6 – 8 pm

Able Fine Art NY Gallery is proud to present “Communication,” a solo exhibition of Joungsook Kim. The exhibition will consist of Kim’s dynamic series of paintings that both express and inspire communication between humans and nature. Through her art, Kim allows her viewers to enter a world that reinvents a level of communication through Kim’s vision of harmony and order that her audience can share and inevitably, join.

Kim has exhibited her work in Korea, Germany, and the USA. Her work has also been shown in art fairs across the globe, appearing in Korea, China, Belgium, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt, Iran, and the USA. Kim is a graduate of Choo-Ge Art University in Seoul, Korea, and is a renowned, technically astute artist driven by her desire to express the vitality of the human condition as it exists in concordance with a transcendent world.

The exhibition will consist of Kim’s most recent abstract works from 2017 to 2018 that link tradition and innovation through a harmony of bright colors and subtly contrasting textures, where Korean brushwork and Abstract Expressionism join hands. In “Communication,” Kim’s work reflects the multi-faceted, collage-form complexity of her audience’s relationship to the natural world. Through her works in “Communication,” Kim balances order and energy, where control and the release of it are expressed through her meticulous layering. In Kim’s Communication, painted in 2018 (28.6 x 23.8in), the calligraphic strokes atop a textured red background, then layered onto delicate Korean paper, simultaneously suggest the order and depth present in both humans and nature. Through Kim’s use of carefully placed bold red squares, dark ink brushwork, and a rectangular field of blue, Kim’s 2017 Communication (28.6 x 23.8in) replicates the harmony of form existing in nature, attainable through the same heightened awareness Kim brings to the canvas.Through her art, Kim unearths a dialogue that gives her audience the power to visualize the intangible; Kim communicates the infinite, unifying vitality of nature through the vibrant power of her visual work.

“Through my artwork, I hope to express a resounding message to most modern people–people who are enslaved in our frantically developing civilization, focused so heavy on materialism, forgetful of the beauty and sound of nature around us,” Kim states. With “Communication,” Kim delivers her words through work that allows her viewers to find release from chaos, rediscovering nature through Kim’s unequivocally compelling voice.

Able Fine Art NY Gallery works with both established and emerging international artists, sharing their worlds with our New York audience. Through the works of burgeoning talents and creative minds, Able Fine Art NY Gallery seeks to create a bridge between cultures, a succession of voices, and the melding of worlds through art.
Able Fine Art NY Gallery, 143B Orchard Street, NY, NY 10002

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