Collection and Current Exhibitions

Mississippi Museum of Art

Jan. 23, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2027

380 South Lamar Street
Jacksonville, Mississippi 39201
Phone (904) 366-6911

…following quote taken from the Mississippi Museum of Art website.  “The move from the Arts Center of Mississippi to the new facility in 2007 was small geographically, amounting to no more than a city block, yet it pushed the Museum light years ahead in terms of capabilities, technology, and the overall philosophy of what an art museum means to the community. The facility’s brilliant architectural makeover reflects the Museum’s mission to become a symbolic “museum without walls” – an inviting public space that offers relevant and meaningful cultural experiences to both the Jackson community and the state of Mississippi. The completed building represented Phase 1 of the decade-long plan to transform the Museum’s surroundings into a cohesive cultural district in Downtown Jackson.”

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