CIRCA 1986 Redux: R.M. Fischer

Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art

Jun. 24, 2024 - Jul. 29, 2027

1701 Main St.
Peekskill, New York 10566
PHONE 914.788.0100

An exciting selection of the artist’s work from the past five years.

Breaking with the functionalism of his earlier industrial assemblages and public sculpture, R. M. Fischer’s new combinations of hard and soft forms turn utilitarian character on its head with the artist’s additions of baroque fetish-like figures. These new amalgamations of soft organic shapes are crafted out of colorful vinyl, felt, and upholstery; sewn together with thread and stuffed into large appendages. These appendages are fastened to Fischer’s familiar, machine-like constructions, crafted out of steel, aluminum and brass. The artist’s imagery evokes the work of Claes Oldenburg and Yayoi Kusama in its playfulness, anthropomorphic quality and underlying sexuality.

For the past twenty-five years, Fischer has been blurring the lines between art, architecture and design. Fischer is acclaimed for his monumental sitespecific public art commissions. The public sculptures, “Rector Gate” and “Battery Tunnel Clock” can be seen in lower Manhattan. Fischer has had over 30 solo exhibitions throughout the United States and abroad. In 1984 the artist’s work was featured in an exhibition at the Whitney Museum. Fischer’s work is included numerous public collections including The Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Carnegie Museum of Fine Art and the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts.

*Excerpted from articles by Stephen Main, Art in America, 2/23/10 and Press Releases from Deitch Projects 12/2/98-1/2/99 and Kerry Schuss (KS Art) 10/29-12/19/09.

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