Cara Barer: #Booksupcycled

Andrea Schwartz Gallery

Jun. 12, 2024 - Jul. 19, 2019

545 4th St
San Francisco, 94107
PHONE 415 495 2090

Andrea Schwartz Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition with Cara Barer.

Throughout her career, Cara Barer has used books, newspapers, phone books, magazines, maps, and travel photographs as her materials. In her newest body of work, she is focusing on books, dyeing them and manipulating their shape to create something new. She then photographs the upcycled book, creating her circle in a square. Through the medium of photography, Barer presents her subjects anew as objects of beauty. Barer has consistently shown interest in the ephemeral nature of books, especially in our digital age. Books are physical objects and repositories of information, and they are being displaced by zeros and ones in a digital universe with no physicality. By repurposing obsolete or unwanted books, she is able to save them from waste, and give them new meaning. Through her art, she documents this loss of the physical record of books, and raises questions about the fragile nature of the book and its future.

Andrea Schwartz Gallery

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