Kehler Liddell Gallery

Sep. 8, 2023 - Oct. 9, 2022

873 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, 06515
PHONE 203 389-9555

In CADENCE, Kim Weston and JLS Gangwisch employ abstracted figurative imagery to reimagine anima and experiment with the boundaries of empathy in digital reproduction. Kim Weston uses digital photography to explore her Native heritage and visual capture of spiritual rhythms. She does everything in camera without the use of Photoshop. JLS Gangwisch uses novel imaging techniques, procedural animation, and mixed-reality experiences to contrast figurative structures with artificial imaging data, reflecting on identity, panoptic surveillance, physical vulnerability, and the digital obfuscation of interpersonal connection. Together their work demonstrates the immutability of the human spirit. CADENCE will feature traditional photography, 3D-printed photographic sculptures, video installations, and virtual reality work.It will be accompanied by an exhibition of member artists in the North Gallery.

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