Burning Desires: An Exploration of Love, Desire & Romance

Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art

Feb. 1, 2024 - Feb. 27, 2015

1210 Turner St.
Lansing, Michigan 48906


Love is one of the most basic and primal needs for human beings. This multimedia exhibition showcases love in all of its myriad forms – romantic love, desire, love of family, young love and the love of mature partners. This exhibit also explores the euphoria of reciprocal love, the agony of a lost love and the challenges of loving oneself.

Curated by Katrina M. Daniels

This exhibition includes regional, national and international artists:

Sheryl Budnik | Grand Rapids, MI

Alberto Jorge Carol | Miami, FL

May Challis & Irwin Crume | Chicago, IL

Mark Chatterley | Williamston, MI

Natasha Dea | Los Angelos, CA

Amanda Grieshop | Lansing, MI

Kate Hampel | Chicago, IL

Rogier Janssen | Netherlands

Suzanne Johnson | Grand Blanc, MI

John Kroneman | Lansing, MI

Tiana Pete | Lansing, MI

Klaus Pinter | Wein, Austria

Chris Reilly | Ypsilanti, MI

Jamie Rodriguez | Albany, NY

Gypsy Schindler | Marquette, MI

Bill Wolff | Salisbury, MD

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